want lists 2009:: babes (0-1)

by mari

Gift giving for infants is always tough. You’ll notice many of the items I’ve selected are not at the higher end of my $50 spending limit. I prefer combining a couple items together. Babes are small, so their toys and accessories are too!

Sophie the Giraffe, from Vulli $19.99

A classic and a new favorite, she’s all-natural, and super-retro cute. You can see my original blog post here.

Sacha the Cat, from L’attitude Enfant $14.99

Itty bitty toys for itty bitty hands are some of the best parts of new babies. So why not add to their appeal and make them French? Mais Oui.

Wee Wood of the month gift subscription, from Little Allouette $55

I wish I’d had this when our baby was first born. A new mom, stuck at home a lot, and receiving three gift boxes by mail? Loaded with all-natural wood rattles, blocks, and teethers? Adorably designed just for you? Enough said!

Leka Baby Playmat, from Ikea $24.99

We have this and love it. Playmats cost a fortune, but this one doesn’t and has just what you need – and a better design. You can see my original blog post here.

Leka Baby Gym, from Ikea $24.99

If a playmat seems too bulky, this wood gym is an affordable copy of all the much more expensive European versions. It’s great for smaller spaces, and should grow well with your child.

Little Auto, from Educo $4.99

A sweet but sassy update on your average ol’ wooden car.

Baby Ronronos the Cat, a DouDou, from Deglingo’s $19.99

A doudou does not reference those messy diapers you keep changing. They’re instead all about the lovie love. Deglingo’s makes some of the most original I’ve seen.

Stroller Blanket, from Frank and Me $38

Great gifts for soon-to-be, or new, parents. These blankets are super soft, hand-made, and have some great color choices. Plus, they’re a little bigger than your average baby blanket, which we’ve found handy.

Mind Shapes, From Manhattan Toy $21.95

Black and white graphics really do fascinate young babies – they work best from 0 – 6 months, but even after that, the repetitive patterns are fun to stare at. These mind shapes include simpler pattern for the younger ones, and more complicated options for older babies. Plus, they’re rollable, a little bit stackable, and have lots of textures. All good.

Cuddling Bear, from Haba $14.99

rst blankets are always a bit bland, except for Haba’s – here’s your first bear and a brightly colored blanket all in one.

Explore and Grow Ball, from Playschool $19.99

Playskool’s newest collection has some winning designs. This ball is fun to roll, fascinating to open, and fun to look at. Amazingly, that combo is hard to find. You can see my original blog post here.

Skwish, from Manhattan Toy $16

Yes, I did work for them, but long after Skwish began it’s journey. This guy’s a multiple award winner, and rightly so. Based on the laws of tensegrity, the old slogan said “it skwishes flat and bounces back”. But to your baby, it’s like a whole new world.

Cordy Roy Aardvark, Jellycat $21.99

I’ve loved Jellycat’s designs since their early beginnings. They’re a British-based toy company that puts top design – and quirky, original design – first. Always. I think the Aardvark would agree.

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