want lists 2009: pre-skoolies (3-5)

by mari

These kids are full of stories, and play time, and I’m as big as you are but I’m so not. Enjoy every moment, and use some of these toys to increase the Big Fun of preschoolers.

Super Malfi, from Friends with You, $24

Malfi is my friend, and he wants to be friends with you. He’s got super soft vinyl, an oddly friendly face, and he’s ready to play one-man bowling at the drop of a pin. Tie his arms around whatever sweet nothing you’d like.

Dado Cubes, from Fat Brain Toys $24.99

The coolest new building blocks around. These guys will tax your brain. How high can you build them out without gravity taking over? Simple colors and simple design let kids’ imaginations run free.

Tic Tac Dough subscription, $26

Get your hands clean with this home-made playing dough. It’s good for your nose too – choose scents like lavender or orange. This subscription includes 2 6 oz tubs for 3 months – that’s 6 tubs of scented goodness.

Dump Truck, from Green Toys $24.99

Your childhood favorite reinvented as a lean green dumpin’ machine. This guy is made from 100% recycled milk jugs. I bet he could lug around some bottles all on his own.

Bilibo, from Kid-O $29.98

Describing the reasons why this unusual little toy are great is rather impossible. It’s based solely on your child’s imagination – who knows what they will come up with? Scoop, sled, hat, rocker, you name it, it’s possible.

Banjo, from Plan Toys $26

Singin’ a tune, in the rain, or sun, would be ten times cooler if you had a banjo. The perfect first instrument.

Blue Bamboo Racer, $21.99

Because boys love cars. Particularly race cars. And we love ones that are well designed and eco-friendly.

Jumbo Colored Pencils $9.95

Perfect for kids new to the idea of writing, but antsy to color with something a bit more luxurious than crayons. These brilliant colors will keep them – and you – happy.

Dakota Beth, from Bit of Whimsy Dolls $48.00

Bit of Whimsy has many styles to choose from, short hair, long hair, skin tone, beskepckled or no. All hand-made, and one of a kind. Little girls deserve this kind of specialness.

Water Blocks, from Plan Toys $31

Add these to your building set for a little bit of wonder-time. Kids learn cause and effect as they discover where the water will go as they pile the blocks up high.

Hank Kreecher, from Manhattan Toy $30

As Hank himself admits, he is the result of a pillow experiment gon horribly right. Let’s leave the little ones to decide the rightness. Because regardless, he’s sure to impress.

Fun Slides, from Hearth Song $16.98

Yep, because socks on carpet is just no fun. None at all. These will let your little beastie slip and slide all over the place. I suppose this would be best for a padded-walls playroom. But wow the kids will love you.

Tea Set, from Green Toys $25

Every girl needs a tea set. At least this one is eco-friendly, pthalate-free and pretty dang cute.

Little Citizen’s Herb Tea, from Republic of Tea $10.50

Well obviously, if you’re going to have a tea party, you need some tea. Caffeine-free and safe for your little ones. Please invite me to your next tea party, because this looks really good.

The Big Splurge:

Skuut Balance Bike, from Skuut $94

Oh the first bike. The wonder and amazement, and a lot of running on the dad and mom’s side of things. Looks like Skuut has you covered. It’s geared to give your 2 – 5 year old the chance to balance on two wheels. No training wheels, no running dads and moms, no scraped knees, and you can “skuut” at your own speed.

Jet Trike, $105

There’s definitely a place for the classic RadioflyerTricycle. But if you’re looking for something a little new, a little mod, a little more colorful, this trike is perfect.

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