want lists 2009: tweenies (5+)

by mari

These are the years that we, as adults, will actually remember. Fuzzily but warmly, with fondness for all those things we did “when we were kids”. Use this list of goodies to bring some great future memories to the kids in your life now.

Monster, from Under my Bed, starting at $27.95

There’s a point when your stuffed creatures have to be as cool as you are. If it came from under your messy bed, you’re off to a good start.

Doodles Coloring Book, from Chronicle Books, $19.99

This is the ultimate in sketchy, doodly, arty-ness. It is NOT a coloring book. That implies static images of cartoon characters. This? It’s open-ended free-thinking creativity in a book. Handle with care.

Super Fun Stilts, $39.98

I’ve never learned how to walk on stilts, but I remember trying as a kid and realizing it’s so much harder than it looks! What a great skill to learn, and these are sturdy enough for lots of extra attempts.

Palace, from Calafant $24.99

Better than a dollhouse. This thing’s customizable. Color it from head to toe, and then play with the rooms and turrets. And if a palace isn’t your thing, Calafant has lots to choose from.

Moon Shoes $35.99

It’s like mini trampolines for your feet. You could go anywhere in these, and bounce. That’s all I have to say, that’s all I need to say.

Coin Tricks Unrolled, from Melissa and Doug $49.99

The packaging has me intrigued, even before the subject matter. Such a great gift – as long as you’re ready to be the guinea pig!

Create Your Own Pop Up Books, from Creativity for Kids $20

What a great way to put it all together – story-telling, a little bit of physics (what makes it pop-up?) and all the drawing. Perfect for your next snowy afternoon.

Giga Ball, from Target $39

You can get a ball so big you can roll around inside it down the hill! I’m just saying. I’d want one, wouldn’t you?

Puzzibits, from Manhattan Toy $20

I worked very closely with this line of toys. Each box is full of flexible, bendable pieces that connect together. The flat designs are great puzzles, and the 3-D versions – instructions included – are hard, but the rewards are worth it. And there are lots of designs to choose from.

This is not a Book, by Keri Smith $9.32

Exactly. What the title says. The instructions in this book will be shocking and revolutionary to most kids. Instructions include: Tear out this page! Use the
book as a musical instrument, make as many sounds as you can with the book! Every page is different. How utterly amazing.

The Big Splurge:

PS Svinga, from Ikea $69.99

Who doesn’t want a swing in their room? Need more proof? Ikea says “swinging develops the sense of balance and body perception.” Now you’re smarter too.

The Flying Turtle $72

Remember this? Come on, think back. I bet you’ve been on one of these. If you haven’t, you wish you had. Make that wish come true for the kiddie nearest to you.

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