puka puka luva

by mari

I’m a mobile fanatic – Alexander Calder is an old artistic hero of mine. So when I began searching for a mobile for my daughter’s room, I was shocked by how few great mobiles are actually out there. As a toy designer, I knew I wasn’t interested in a traditional musical mobile that attaches to the crib ($50 for 5 months of use? And an annoying melody? Nah.) But after years on my Chiropractor’s table, even I appreciate the hypnosis of some gently moving shapes.
I’ve enjoyed Puka Puka for months, wondering if I could splurge, and now I’m even more excited – she sells make-your-own mobile kits! More affordable at $38 AU (about $35 US), they come with all the materials you need – pre-cut shapes, wire, string, and instructions. Now the nit-picky designer in me can try my own hand at balancing all those lovely shapes.
(The beautiful mobile above is from her Marine series.)

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