Better than paper Dolls? Mudpuppy's Magnetic Figures

by mari

Let’s get a little metaphorical for a moment. Call it Cabin Fever, call it the stars, call it the grass is always greener. I’m jonesing to be someone else. Ever have a day like that? Yesterday on I actually tweeted: don’t be jealous of what they have, they haven’t got what you have. Which may be true but I’m still craving what they have. So I think I’ll pretend I’m a robot. Or a vintage flapper gal. Or one of the other fourteen Magnetic Paper Doll Designs from MudpuppyGarden Fairy? Retro Chic? Monsters? Pirates? It’s really hard to choose. Each Magnetic Paper Doll set includes a lovely tin, over 35 magnets, and 2 reversible scenes to create your new identity. With such a gorgeous variety of illustrations and themes, you’re bound to find the perfect one for a mere $15.
I have decided one thing. I’d love to get more interaction with you, dear reader. So tell me, what are you loving about Small for Big?
Who would you like to be today. And better yet, what would you like to see here on Small for Big – what are YOU craving?

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