tickle the ivories?

by mari

Schoenhut children's toy piano

I grew up so immersed in classical music that most of what you’d call popular 80’s music goes right over my head – my husband is continuously shocked by my inablity to guess that tune on the radio. As the oldest child of two music professors, I spent my youth listening to the greats. And playing the piano a ton. And I love that part of my history. I still love playing the piano too, though I no longer get the chance to put in 5-6 hour days like I did in college (back then it was required for my degree, so it was easier!). I do know that in my motherhood dreams (you know, the canonical list of My Life As the Perfect Mother) there is an image of me playing the piano, with my daughter calmly playing with more appropriate toys nearby. Images of her recognizing the songs I’ve played and loving them as an adult. These are slightly silly mom things that mean nothing to her – at least not yet. But there is an achievable goal: teaching her to play the piano. No, I’m not seriously planning to start her on the keys any time soon. I don’t even think a small piano is necessary – might as well start (when she’s around 4 years old, I think) on a real piano. Still, I’m a little smitten with these minis. Schoenhut appears to be the most thorough brand of children’s pianos. A category I didn’t even know existed until today – I thought it was all vintage tchotsky. You can get a bit obessive and literally get a baby grand (around $1200). Though it’s much smaller than my baby grand, it’s infinitely cuter. Or, this little red toy piano over at Land of Nod, which is what started my search in the first place.

But, without a doubt, the Schoenhut Mini Toy Grand Piano , $54, wins (shown above!). Because all I see is Shroeder and the Snoopy Fast Foot Shuffle (and did you notice the similarity in names? Coincidence? I think not). And they do use full-size keys … so the transition would be easy. She might love it. Or she might throw her books at it, one at a time. Which is ok, because from a parent’s point of view the only thing close to a good piano is a pile of good books.

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1 Brita June 29, 2010 at 4:58 pm

Brilliant – as a piano-playing mama (with perhaps some all-too similar dreams about Kidlet’s future past-times), I really appreciate this post!


2 Miz Big July 1, 2010 at 5:53 pm

Thanks Brita – I knew there would be some fellow St. Olaf Grads who would see the merit in all of this!


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