the great wide interwebs #12

by mari

My Toy Guardian Modern Toy Box

I was talking with a friend of mine the other day, ruminating on the topic of Life. You know, the big questions like, what the hell am I doing and why is it never ever enough?! And we came to a temporary conclusion that really it’s about finding a way to be happy with what we’ve got right now, and to stop constantly wanting more. It’s a concept that’s so simple and yet so grand. So this week I’m going to practice a little bit of the grand cliche. Here are 5 things I’m happy for. It’s pretty easy really: my daughter, my husband, my wonderful friends, a beautiful warm sunny summer, and my creative outlets and opportunities.

And now for the 5 links I’m happy for this week:

  • (Image above) My Toy Guardian is only a concept, but if I was richer I’d pay Yanko Design to make us one ASAP. Found via Inhabitots.
  • Stop procrastinating already and get this print, “Today is the Day” from the Big Harumph. How true is that?
  • Babble gave us their Top 50 iPhone Apps for Kids. I’ve been trying to look at them all week, but alas, no time yet. Tell me what you think of the list!
  • I’m getting desperate for some new toy storage solutions (when I figure it out, I’ll post about it, I promise) so I’m a little excited to see Ikea’s new Stuva kids furniture line, previewed over at Ohdeedoh. (man, they get all the breaks!)
  • Gift-giving opportunities always sneak up on me, especially now that there are lots of baby showers and kids birthdays thrown into the mix. I might try out these DIY newspaper gift bags from How About Orange for the next last-minute wrap-up.

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1 Helen July 24, 2010 at 2:50 pm

Looove that toy storage. Want!
The new IKEA line is awesome, it’s in the Twin Cities store. I have photos on my phone I liked it that much- never been a Trofast fan so this is some improvement! (Scheming how the girls can “lose” their Trofast’s when we move so have to “replace” them).


2 Miz Big July 24, 2010 at 5:04 pm

Ironic, we just got back from Ikea and are now debating if we need the large toy drawer from the new Stuva line. There was also a low credenza that might work better in our living room.
I think you’re right Helen, the Trofast will have to fall off the truck along the way – perhaps you could ask the movers to quietly let it slide out the back when “no one’s looking”?


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