the great wide interwebs #15

by mari

Design Boom Pop-up Cardboard Kids Play Kitchen

What are your plans for the weekend? I’ll be stringing together the urge to be outside all day, soaking up what’s left of summer with my need to get things done. Next week faculty meetings start at MCAD, where I’ll be teaching a 3D foundations class, and I have to get my head screwed on right! Maybe somewhere in the middle there will be time to just sit. very. still. Do you ever get the chance to sit still (mentally and physically)? Can you tell me how?

Maybe this week’s link roundup will keep you glued to your computer, which is almost sitting still:

  • (image above) I’m juuuust starting to think about some role play things for Birdie – but we don’t have a playroom for a massive kitchen set. This cool pop-up cardboard kitchen design concept isn’t in production, so I think I might use it for inspiration and get me some cardboard! So cool. Found via Swiss Miss.
  • These images almost beat out the cardboard kitchen. Crazy detailed sculptures done in the graphite tips of pencils. You just have to click the link to find out more. From Kidrobot Kronikle.
  • Though I still love the Blue Fairy Wren Wings I made for Birdie’s halloween costume, these easy DIY dress up wings from Small Magazine are really cool too. Maybe she’ll just need both (who’s going to sew these for me? I haven’t figured that skill out yet!)
  • Another simple modern playhouse concept using slot construction methods – can you tell I don’t plan on getting a shed from Home Depot?
  • Ok, one more cardboard piece of cool – these printed cardboard toddler chairs are pretty sweet. At Inhabitots.

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