the great wide interwebs #20

by mari

Horsey Bike Accessory by Eungi Kim


Wow. I’ve been doing this link roundup for 20 weeks? Time flies when you’re surfing the web – that’s an understatement. I’m going to get straight to the goodies today, because I’ve got a zillion things to pack before we run off to our annual fall trip into the wilds of Northern Wisconsin. That’s right, it’s time for the Chequemegan Fat Tire Festival. My husband’s favorite fall event is watching cyclists race through the woods of an old ski resort. And eating fudge at the local candy store afterwards.

This week’s picks:

  • (image above) This amazing add-on horse accessory for your bike is just about the coolest, most innovative, and why-didn’t-I-think-of-that stupendous idea. I mean seriously, add a unicorn horn and my 6 year old self would have pee’d her pants. Found via Desginboom.
  • Inhabitots has featured Aster Jasper’s adorable felted creatures. That’s only 11 months after I featured them right here at Small for Big. He he he. It’s okay, they deserve the new round of attention.
  • The idea of hand painting an Eames Rocker is a little hard to imagine actually doing myself – it’d be the fear of a white canvas times about 100. But this example makes it seem like such a worthy idea. Found via Handmade Charlotte.
  • As you can tell by my toddler’s name, finding a unique baby name was a prerequisite for us. Mine is unique – Mari – and I think it’s played a large role in who I am. It gives me a little ownership, and I wanted that for Wren too. Anyway, this uncommmon baby names list from could be viewed as either: 1. great ideas for your next sprout or 2. more names you’ll have to avoid to keep your kid uncommon.

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