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by mari

MimiTENS all weather practical stay on cool modern mittens

There’s a fascinating side effect to making Babble’s Top 50 Design Blogs for Moms. Companies are suddenly seeking me out. And I gotta admit, I’m enjoying it a bit. By and large, the conversations are friendly, the products are cool, and everyone benefits. But it’s the absolute best when  a company I already like contacts me out of the blue. Which is exactly what happened with mimiTENS. I’d been ogling their mittens for my little Birdie since last winter, and was just thinking it was time to get some, when Anna-Maria suggested we try a pair of mimiTENS, like the polar bears above.

It didn’t hurt that their suggestion came the day after 6 inches of snow had fallen from the sky. The day where my attempts at getting Birdie to play in the snow were hindered horribly by our sub-par mittens. You know, the ones that are waaay too stiff and keep falling off? MimiTENS to the rescue! Birdie actually wore them around the house for 15 minutes today, just because they’re that comfortable for her. The long cuffs mean no scratchy elastic at the wrist (and they stay on!), and the thin but water-resistant nylon is lined with oeko-tek certified bamboo fleece and thinsulate. They’re thin, but warm and practical.

What, this is a design blog? Don’t worry, they’re also adorable. Anna-Maria sent us the Robin mimiTENS with embroidered birds on each. Great design features are everywhere – wider wrist areas make them easier to finagle over Birdie’s obstinate thumbs, the bird designs are unique to each hand (and appear to be having an intellectual discussion), and the stripes coordinate without being matchy matchy. I also love the branded name and size woven right into the inside cuffs (but that’s the design dork in me) All in all, I’ll give these mimiTENS a huge mittened-thumbs up. You need some, and since they come in infant through adult sizes, you have no excuse unless you live in Florida.

You’ll have to stop by next week – we’re hosting a bumper crop of giveaways and you could win your own pair of mimiTENS!

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1 Cassie November 24, 2010 at 11:17 am

I remember when I was a kid I hated mittens. I wanted to be a grownup and wear gloves but my mom wasn’t convinced I’d be able to put them on by myself. Now as an adult, I love mittens! Currently I’m rocking the red Canada ones from the Olympics last year.


2 Miz Big November 25, 2010 at 12:05 am

Oh my god, I think I was the same way! Mittens never made any sense to me. Then I realized my fingers were always frozen if I wore gloves, and mittens actually keep them warmer!


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