top picks #48

by mari

Madre Perla Mini Dress Pink with Doll's face Mod Girls Fashion

Let’s see, this week has been filled with birthdays and birthday prepping, playdates, freelance, cleaning, and shopping. Not a bad combination (except for the cleaning, but we all know how that goes). Plus I’ve been obsessed with finding Birdie the perfect little things to wear for an upcoming photo session with our friend Lori, of Paisley Wallpaper, over the July 4th weekend. We’re not a themey kind of family, so I’m trying for an unstudied cohesiveness. Ha. That will last for about 10 seconds before Birdie removes something, the husband starts sweating, and I get a frownie spot in the middle of my forehead!

Meanwhile, it seems Pinterest is reaching a critical mass. Come over and join me won’t you? You can follow me on Pinterest here. This week’s top picks are almost all inspired by finds from my new PInterest friends. What an addiction!

This week’s top links:

  • (image above)I’ve seen a couple of dresses with girlie faces on them, like this adorable mini dress from Madre Perla – and we’ve got to have one! I’m thinking maybe it should be a DIY project – if we can find the right A-line shift dress on the cheap.
  • These adorable necklaces are killing me with cuteness – and again, another DIY inspiration! Found via Miss V, and also available at Madre Perla! (Oh, to live in Europe and have easy access).
  • Sweet and casual shoes from Gigi and Zaza have me wishing I still had room for another pair in Birdie’s summer shoe wardrobe. (We, um, have too many already).
  • Sweet retro stuffed dolls and paper dolls from Gingermelon have stirred my doll cravings. A lot of them are PDF pattern downloads – wish I had the time and better skills!
  • A lovely idea for a homemade gift kids will go gaga over – make your own fort kit!
  • Anorak Magazine (a graphically cool kid’s magazine from the UK, available in Barnes and Nobles stores) is having an amazing contest – Kids from around the world are invited to enter their own drawing for the cover of their 5 year anniversary issue. Enter now!

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