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by mari

modern handmade tooth fairy kit and pouch for kids

You gotta love a holiday week. The kind of week that flies by so fast you don’t dare blink! Between our mini-beach vacay and fireworks Monday, our 6 hour roadtrip Tuesday, a marathon doctor’s visit Wednesday (no worries, all are fine), and a couple days of hardcore freelance work, I’m still panting. But in the end, I’m doing my best to make a little part of every day feel like summertime, and that makes it all feel better. Hot steamy summer sunshine is helping. So how is your summer going so far?

This week’s link roundup:

  • (image above) Daily Candy has provided us with a lovely curated list of the things you need now to ensure your preparedness for the Tooth Fairy in your future. I hear they got it straight from the Fairy himself, so this is a must-read. I’m in love with the Tooth Fairy Kit, featured above, from Paper and Twine.
  • Do you love Binth? Do you own one of their amazing – no, seriously, I mean Amazing – Baby books? Make sure to enter their fabulous Binth Baby Book Show and Tell contest with fabulous prizes. Even if you don’t own the book, make sure to check them out – gorgeous prints and stationery. I’m particularly fond of the memory game right now.
  • A very sweet scavenger hunt involving super heroes, ice, a backyard, and a mission to save Earth. Love it. By On the Laundry Line via Modern Parents Messy Kids.
  • Just look at this super cool several story tall handmade cardboard treehouse of the awesome. I’m so impressed. Did you see the elevator and multi-level slides? yep, impressed. via Ikat Bag.
  • Here’s a fun list of the top 10 toys for summer from Babble’s Family Style Blog. I really want the inflatable ball sprinkler. But that would require new hoses, since our current ones seem to be fused (with lime buildup?! dunno.) to their sprinklers. Sigh. Home ownership has it’s pitfalls.
  • Squeal! We had a fabulous family photo session with our good friend Lori from Fresh Snapped Photos last weekend, take a sneak peek here! (Boy I can’t wait to see the rest)

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