letters, & numbers, & iPhones oh my

by mari

Montessorium Montessori first alphabet letters math numbers ipad iphone apps for preschool

Birdie is just starting preschool at a local Montessori School. Once over her initial what-the-heck-is-this-place response, closely followed by the where-the-heck-do-you-think-you’re-going attitude, she’s loving it. I’m loving their approach to learning and their focus on developing the whole child.

Montessori methods involve a lot of deceptively simple tools and learning devices. For example, one of the ways children learn the letters of the alphabet is to trace sandpaper cutouts of the letters. Montessorium’s iPhone and iPad apps mimic the same simple approaches, but with a new digital twist. They’ve kept all of the simplicity, but added a gorgeous – and equally simple – visual look and feel. The apps are super intuitive for kids – and I’ve found that Birdie’s intuition when it comes to iDevices is pretty much unbelievable. Montessorium creates the Intro to Letters app ($4.99) shown up top, the Intro to Math app ($4.99) above and the brand new Alpha Writer ($4.99), below.

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