top picks #54

by mari

wooden magical balancing beans wood stacking building rocks toy

This week was a blur of coffee shop afternoons getting freelance done, and one perfect morning with Birdie. We made a stepping stone for our backyard, played with shape collages (thanks to a bit of inspiration from Childhood 101’s awesome Playopedia Craft lists!). Then we applied our best temporary tattoos, packed a picnic lunch, played on the playground, came home and did our best to tackle every puzzle in the house. Sometimes letting go of everything else and just being with your kid is the best medicine ever. I’m holding that day very close.

This week’s top picks around the grand old web:

  • (image above) Handmade Charlotte reminded me of a product I’d meant to highlight a long time ago. These absolutely stunning Magical Wooden Balance Beans. $62.95 and you can learn the fine art of rock balancing.
  • Babyology’s list of Top 5 gifts for Preschoolers (gender-neutral too) is perfect. They may feature Australian links, but I believe most of these toys (or similar options) are available stateside. Love that curvy cardboard house!
  • OH my stars. I must have these Suitcase Eyes from Muji. One set for my suitcase, one for Birdie’s boring old hand-me-down carry-on (at least it’s red, and came from London) and maybe our diaper bag too … found via Swiss Miss.
  • As soon as I can get my hands on some balloons I’m going to get Birdie involved with this quick and fun balloon game found via Toddler Times on (and the Artful Parent!)
  • This gorgeous modular cradle plus rocker plus bassinet converts into a lovely reading bench – I don’t think I’ve seen another cradle that does that? Found via the often-quoted Lil Magoolie.

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