milk & soda: could be better than cookies

by mari

Milk & Soda Cool Fashion Accessories for Stylish Boys and Girls

The online boutique Mlik & Soda is awesome. The name makes me think of snack time – either the goody two shoes moments of milk (and the promise of cookies) – or the weekend grandeur of soda at a restaurant with your ‘rents. While the products make me fairly certain that Australia is ten times cooler than the US. Because this is a site filled with the “awesomest” of awesome accessories for your kids. The kind of things that make the outfit. I think you can see from the photos alone that it’s all good. So good you want it all. Right. Now. You’ll find accessories you didn’t even know you “needed”: bowties, necklace neckties, watches suspenders, bags, hats (beyond the baseball variety), socks, sunglasses, and infant booties. If you run around with lots of little boys, you most definitely need to stop by, because I swear there’s more available for boys than girls – how wonderful is that?

And not to worry, if you’re not currently living in Australia, Milk & Soda ships internationally. It’s a sliding scale based on weight, but I’m guessing you could get a couple sunnies and a hat shipped to your US (or elsewhere!) doorstep for a cool $15 AU. Plus, the AU and US dollars are nearly equal. Considering the number of times I’ve spent extra $$ on overnight shipping for random birthdays/holidays/events, it’s not that big of a deal at all.

Just for you, dear small for big readers, the first 5 people to order from Milk & Soda with the code ‘Smallforbig” will receive a free banana case, valued at $7.95 AU. I actually own a similar one, and I cannot tell you how many mobile snack times that banana case has salvaged. Can I say it again? Awesome.

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