luv their pudge: Puj Baby

by mari

Puj Baby Puj Tub perfect portable storable infant baby bath tub

I’d planned on writing about Puj Baby months ago. Months and months ago. In the world of blogging, that can seem like a lifetime. Still, there are outstanding design examples that heartily deserve to be revisited and adored. So I’m going for it anyway. Particularly because this baby bathtub is one of my if-we-have-another-one-must-haves, which means you’ll want the reminder too. (and no, there are no babies on the way in our house, I swear!)

The Puj Tub ($40) is that perfect first infant tub. It’s super soft and flexible, BPA and PVC-free, stores flat, and molds to fit lots of sinks. It’s sized to cradle your infants from 0-6 month – at that age we were ready for a different tub anyway. And while you’re at it, nab a pair of their gorgeous Puj Unos symmetrical (no left or right!) baby booties – that’s one less headache on your way out the door.

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1 fanfamfun September 14, 2011 at 8:15 am

i wish i had known about this little tub when my son was born. it is really cool. we used the lionheart bucket. it was great! he really loved it. we put him in for his first bath and he used it until 5 months. but when we showed photos of him in his bath people always said “you give your baby a bath in a BUCKET???” :)


2 Miz Big September 15, 2011 at 9:24 am

Hahaha! I’ve seen those “buckets” and loved the idea. I bet the baby stays warmer? But yeah, I can imagine the non-parent stares ;)


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