the incredible book eating boy

by mari

Oliver Jeffer's Incredible Book Eating Boy

Every once in awhile I realize there’s an item we’ve had forever that I’d meant to share with all of you forever ago. At the time I’m sure one too many things were on my to-post list! Luckily, the things we love are always worth a look.

Oliver Jeffer’s book, The Incredible Book-Eating Boy, $17.99 is a visual amazement and a story filled with quirky charm. Why? Well, the images will show you it’s original approach right away, but the story has it’s own special imagination: Henry loves books, but he doesn’t read them. No, he prefers to eat them, often in one swallow. The more he eats, the smarter he gets. Until suddenly he doesn’t …

We love to read this book, making munching sounds together and giggling over the ending. And as a parent, I also love that it’s a very quick read after the five other books in the getting-ready-for-bedtime book marathon!


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