momma, the style files [Christmas edition]

by mari

Ugglebo handmade Swedish Clogs for the Fashionable

Fret not, I’m gathering several amazing lists for the annual Top Gifts for Kids posts – they should be ready next week! But I think all of us need a little me-time too. The longer I’m a mom, the more I’ve realized that I kind of forget about what I might like for myself amidst all the hubbub. Instead, when my loved ones ask me what I’m interested in, I just look confused. Time to remedy that, and help some of you (and your loved ones!) in the process. Let’s start with boots and glitter, shall we?

Have you noticed the clog invasion? They’re populating catalogs and magazines faster than sweet little bunny rabbits. I’ve loved clogs for a long time, but my current faves are Ugglebo clogs. They’re gorgeous, handmade in Sweden, and gorgeous (yep, twice!). There are tons of options for style combinations – you can even design your own Ugglebo Clogs – including multiple wood sole colors. Ugglebo very kindly sent me a pair of the Philly boots, as shown above. And I love them. They have shearling lined boots, high and low boots, traditional clogs, lots of sandals (with cooler colors than Hasbeens clogs) and everything in between. From $169 – $299, these are a splurge you’ll wear for years, I guarantee it. Use Small for Big Promo Code bigforsmall10 and receive 10% off through November 25th. Plus, every pair you order gets you an entry into their free clogs contest for the holidays. Hurry up!

I’m slowly working my new Ulggebos into my “pick up Birdie from Montessori” wardrobe. Because 4 days out of the week, that’s really all I have planned for outings! Here’s my new uniform (and dear husband, I don’t own these things yet, so YES, they’d be great Christmas gifts!):

Now. For the extra-fun bit. The Muppets movie. You’ve heard of it? Coming out this weekend? I now must have some of the special Holiday The Muppets nail polishes from OPI. I’d particularly like to play with the green Fresh Frog of Belair, glittery Rainbow Connection, bright blue Gone Gonzo!, and the Piggy Designer… De Better! Let’s keep the winter doldrums away with some nail power!


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1 Samantha November 22, 2011 at 2:07 pm

These are the clog boots I’ve been dreaming of (white ones)!! I’ve been looking everywhere, I was going to get the blue booty swedish has-beens, which are cool, but I’ve been wanting a classic pair of white. I tragically lost a pair of black booties, with our basement flood, so the hubby promised I could get a pair of new boots this winter. I think these are it. Love the idea of mom fashion advice! We desperately need it!


2 Miz Big November 23, 2011 at 11:34 pm

Sam, I’m telling you, they’re really lovely boots. Relatively practical and walkable (maybe not on cobblestones or at the mall all afternoon, but great for dropping kids off, etc.) I actually got the light mocha pair, it’s like a creamy coffee color, it’s a nice neutral to work with.
But I’ll take fashion advice from you any day you know!


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