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by mari

Tea Collection Quality Holiday Girl's Dresses and Clothes

Having a girl around the holidays requires one to have the great Holiday Dress Debate. How much frill does one really need? How do we make sure she’s still comfortable and warm? And can it be worn again after Christmas? At some point exasperation sets in and I then ask: does she really need one? This year, we’re compounded by one more thing: Potty Training. We need to find Girl’s Dresses with an extra dose of comfort, easy dressing, and washability is a must!

Luckily, Tea Collection has the right Girl’s Clothes to meet all of my demands. And I am pleased as punch that they sent me a couple of examples from their fall collection to prove that point. Honestly, I’d seen their everyday collection and baby clothes at local stores, and loved it. But this is a line where the description on their website doesn’t do justice to the quality of the product (how rare is that?). We can’t wait to wear our new Villa Flores Party Dress at Christmas time, and I know it will be just as easy to wear it on a random Tuesday afternoon come January (and how CUTE with the zip bottom denim stretch leggings? Oh yes. And let me mention, those leggings, and their cargo pants, are a very fashionable potty training choice.

Boys, don’t you worry, Tea Collection is a Children’s Clothing line: which means boys are never forgotten. I’m particularly keen for the ticking stripe pants and the Guapo Herringbone Jacket up above. Could he be any more perfectly professorial for your holiday shindig? Now, you’ll just have to find the perfect shoes to match. (I’d suggest wingtips, if I only knew where to find them.)

Don’t forget all of your Holiday Shopping woes can be solved in the Annual Gift Guides, pick your favorites, and shop the Small for Big SHOP! Check. Check. And Check!

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