splurge-worthy gifts for kids

by mari

Splurge-worthy gifts for kids this holiday christmas season - Top Classic Modern Toys for Children

I work hard year-round to be a thrifty design-lover. And I think I do a damn good job of sticking to a realistic budget. But when it comes to the holidays, sometimes the Designer side takes over. Because it’s either now or the annual birthday dash that provides all of us the option of spending a little more moola: finding something that really will become an heirloom for your family.

So, unlike most of my features here at Small for Big, today’s post features items with prices hovering around $100 or higher. Because sometimes I just wanna drool a little bit, wanna join me?

1. Edward Dollhouse, $260 2. Hut Hut Rocker, $125 3. Custom Muppets, $90
4. Log Playhouse, $299   5Flip Rocker & Ride-on, $160   6. Kid O Bike, $160
7. 3-in-1 Bike, $229    8. Quadrilla Marbles Twist & Rail, $150
9. Tree Fort Kit, $255   10. Spirit Hood Kids, $79   11. Play Kitchen, $145 ea
12. Shapemaker, $75   13. Playshapes, $150   14. Tori Rocking Horse, $90

For more (affordable) gift ideas, you can solve all of your Holiday Shopping Woes with the Annual Gift Guides! Pick your favorites, then shop the Small for Big SHOP!

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