doodle your own dinner

by mari

Doodle Cook Coloring Book Creative Art Projects for Kids

Creative Coloring books like Doodle Cook ($14.95) deserve creative adjectives. Like Awesome-sauce. Awesome-pants. Amaze-balls. Especially when the book is all about creating new things. How about a Hand Salad, Crayon Tartar, or maybe a Sun-Ray Tart for your arty appetite today?  Hervé Tullet’s newest book (see his other books in my earlier Hervé Tullet Review) gives you quick recipes for each, and an empty place setting to fill up with your new creative dish.

Doodle Cook’s directions are straight-forward, but are really best for kids over 4 or 5 because they involve multiple steps for each dish = just lke a recipe. Birdie, at 3, has her own intentions for her dishes (“I color the Whole Thing!”), but she still enjoys the book immensely. The book is oversized, the paper is thick, and it showcases several full-color images of solutions and ideas to inspire kids too. It’s a great way to explore pattern, layering, directions, and the ability to change something into something else.

Thanks Phaidon for sending us the Doodle Cook Coloring Book, it’s a beautiful addition to our creative library!


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