weekend roundabout #70

by mari

Vintage Lego Girl - Vintage Kids Fashions - Paper Doll Download | Small for BIg

2012 is already a whirlwind of activity around our house. How did we spend New Year’s weekend? Determined to clear out some of our clutter. I delivered an SUV-load to one of our local thrift store at 4:50 PM on New Year’s Eve (they closed at 5:00!) And a second load on the 2nd. Dang it felt good! I think both my husband and I have latent hoarder tendencies, and forcing each of us to make some decisions is rather cathartic. Now I’m on a roll, there are dozens of other things around this house that must be dealt with! Especially with Birdie’s birthday party looming in a week. (Dearest friends who are coming over, you will be surprised to see that even after 2 truckloads of junk disappearing, the house is still disappointingly full. Le sigh.)

This week’s picks should be all about organization to keep me in the mood, but I think we’ll focus on other procrastination techniques instead:

  • (image above) This vintage Legos ad is showing up all over the web this week, in response to their new launch of girls-focused Lego Friends. Regardless of the hoopla about the line (let’s revisit that next week), seeing this ad was a jolt for me – a GIRL? Without any pink, ruffles, curls? She’s just being a kid. We need so many many more images like this shoved in our girls faces.
  • Speaking of vintage (and thrift stores!), Modern Kiddo’s vintage kids fashion round-up features picks under $10. Which is just perfect considering my post-Christmas budget.
  • If we weren’t stuffed to the gills with great clothes for Birdie, I’d also be shopping the great New Year’s sale prices over at Zara.com. I was so excited when they started selling online, and yet I haven’t bought a thing yet! Ack!
  • Do some good and keep organized with this adorable paper doll calendar download. Proceeds (you choose what to donate) are donated to a local school for children with disabilities. (and the calendar is adorable).
  • Calafant is known for their cardboard dollhouses, but I’m just getting wind of this fabulous cardboard robot in 2 sizes – you could totally wow your kids with the bigger one.

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