hold me tight pillows & squish me please tees

by mari

blabla kids hold me tight mustache handle knit pillows for kids

I think we all have a little mushy soft spot for blabla kids. I’m so glad to see them expanding their brand – they’re doing such an amazing job of being true to their image, but adding a broader variety of products (there are companies that really struggle with that, for some reason). Let’s explore a little bit. My favorite finds, no contest, are the surreal Hold me Tight pillows ($52) and their matching blankets ($78) in the pic above.

Then there are the adorable, affordable Tees ($18), whose illustrations really add extra life to the original stuffed dolls. Plus, they’d make a great combo gift: doll plus tee!

There is more to explore on blabla kids’ site: a sweet stationery line with invitations, cards, and stickers, plus sweaters, knicker pants, booties, and hats. Not to mention, of course, the amazing dolls. You could kit and kaboodle an entire room and your kid in nothing but blabla bits. Sweet.


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