mix-a-lot-a clump-o-lumps!

by mari

New quirky Clump-o-Lump stuffed animals are mix and match buildable, customizable stuffed animal friends

Does that tiger stuffed animal on your kidlet’s bed seem a little too … normal? I’ve always wanted to try crossing a tiger’s stripes with a bumble bee’s, and I think every animal – even squid – deserves a chance to fly like a bluebird. I’d bet my bottom dollar most kids want to play a little mix and match too. Clump – o – Lumps are giving them a brand new chance to give it all a try.

Debuting earlier this year by quirky stationery brand Knock Knock (and already getting lots of blog recognition), Clump – o – Lumps are a series of 3-part stuffed animals, attached with zippers and ready for dis-assembly. Birdie would love them for the zippers alone – she’s a bit obsessed. But mixing up the characters is also a pile of fun, and relatively affordable: each 26.5″ creature is only $25.

So “slice” them open, a la Ninja Fruit, and pretend you’re better than Darwin for an afternoon! Animals will be available March 25 – just in time for Easter baskets. Maybe I’m awful, but I think it’d be fun to split one up in three different locations for kids to find on Easter morning.

Thanks Petit à Petit and family for featuring these!

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1 Celina March 12, 2012 at 2:34 pm

Thanks for the mention… Seriously, this are amazing! Can’t wait for birthday time!!!


2 Miz Big March 13, 2012 at 7:57 am

No problem, and I agree – great bday idea!


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