tattly easter eggs!

by mari

Tattly temporary tattoos for cool kids - Easter Eggs and Carton set!

One of the hidden bonuses of parenthood is finally rediscovering my need – no, dare I say, my duty – to celebrate all the little holidays that I’d grown lax about as a world-weary adult-type. I might even do something for St. Patrick’s Day. But I am most assuredly, definitely, absolutely, no-ifs-ands-or-buts going hog-wild for Easter. Or maybe bunny-wild, thanks to Tattly Temporary Tattoos.

First thing on the list? Tattly’s new Easter eggs set. With twelve eggs,  and 12 tattoos (2 of each design) it’s all bunnies all the time baby! Wanna know the weird part? I’m allergic to eggs, so I’m actually super-excited about the egg carton too. Yippee hoo! Egg Cartons! Not a bad deal for $25 and free shipping. Not bad at all.

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1 Samantha March 7, 2012 at 7:36 pm

OMG those are adorable!! I love them!! :) Being a non-Christian I always loved Easter anyway — spring, painting eggs, bunnies, rainstorms, and flowers coming up — what’s not to love!


2 Miz Big March 9, 2012 at 9:42 am

I may have grown up going to church Sunday mornings, but I’m not Christian now and I still love Easter!
I think of it like Christmas, both have secular and religious traditions. We focus on the secular.


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