mother’s day gift guide:
featuring some of my favorite moms!

by mari

best mother's day gifts - modern jewelry and handmade kids crafts too

Mother’s Day is coming! I like to think of it as my day to be a little … self-indulgent. I thought the best way to honor that was to share the indulgence. So, I’ve asked some pals to dream up their Mother’s Day Wishlists (indulgence #1). And now, we’re sharing all of our favorite finds with you (indulgence #2). You’ll find 15 picks from Celina of Petit a Petit and Family, Dottie of Modern Kiddo, Esther of Buy Modern Baby, and little ol’ me. They’re all amazing, and my own list has just grown exponentially thanks to their eye-spys. So sit back and get your Pinterest, email, and pencils ready to make your own list from our “bestest” finds (Or, use the share it buttons at the end of the post and get share-happy! Dads need help, we know!). Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Vintage Family Silhouette Charms Necklace: Jewelry is always a good choice, but when it’s vintage and personalized it’s a winner in my books. I also happen to love silhouette anything! In this Etsy shop you can choose up to 3 charms, from a boy or girl’s silhouette and you can have your child’s initials stamped on the back. It will be one boy and one girl for me please!
No One Else Could Fill Your Shoes T-Shirt: How sweet is this t-shirt? It says it all and I would wear it proudly! I just love Jordan Grace Owens’ illustrations, she makes the sweetest personalized paper dolls too, but this tee would make such a great mother’s day gift. Check out Jordan’s Etsy shop – it’s filled with lot’s of cute gift ideas.
DIY Striped Tote: Here’s an easy enough DIY project for dad and the kids to do: paint and decorate a canvas bag. I actually did this for my mom last year and it was a huge success. I suggest filling the bag with some of the kids drawings, favorite snacks, bubble bath or anything else you think mom would like, in my case lot’s of fashion magazines…

Dottie’s picks, Modern Kiddo
Button Caterpillar:
I love buttons—they are colorful and make me smile and make my little one so happy too—especially when she is stringing them onto a colorful pipe cleaner that I will keep for years on my desk or dresser.
Kai Perfume: Every spring I always want to wear a new pretty floral scent and this classic perfume that is has been popular for ages for a good reason.  You can buy the lighter scent or the original oil, which lasts and lasts.
Simply Silhouettes: Although I probably take a dozen snaps a month of my little kiddo, there is something so classic about a silhouette. And Simply Silhouettes makes it an affordable option to create a soon to be heirloom.

Esther’s picks, Buy Modern Baby14k Gold Blue Topaz Stackable Ring and Citrine Stackable Ring: I really like the jewelry that I wear regularly to tell a story.  These stacking rings with November and December birthstones would represent my boys and for the moment, my right hand is completely unadorned.

Geek Recycled Wood Sign: I’ve got one of those art walls just above my desk here where I spend much of my time blogging. I’ve got a space up there just waiting for this “Geek” sign from oh dier.  Let’s face it, anyone who spends as much time on her computer as I do, deserves the “geek” title. [I love that Esther, who lives in Florida, picked a company right here in my backyard – Go Minnesota! -Mari]
Kelly Boy Bag: I’d love to have my DSLR with me at all times to capture all those everyday moments with my boys, but it really is a pain to lug that thing around all day.  Now that they’re out of diapers though, perhaps I can trade in the diaper bag for a stylish camera bag from Kelly Moore.  I’m partial to the Boy Bag and i think mustard is the color for me.  Plus, if it gets too heavy during a day out, my husband won’t mind carrying it as well!
I don’t expect to get anything on my wish list, but I can always count a a couple of school projects, some cards and dinner out to really make my Mother’s Day a special one.
My own favorite picks start with some colorful finds:
DIY Wood Bead Necklace: This easy DIY necklace could be made by Dad and kiddos together – split up the beads among multiple kids (and don’t worry about the exactly colored halfsies of the image, am I right!?)
Silicone Diamond Ring: Get a little bling, but get your fun and function at the same time. I’m always teasing my husband that I need more diamonds (it’s not true, really, I have a few that are perfect) but this one is actually “affordable” at $98. Plus it comes in lots of fun colors – both subdued and bright.
DIY Stenciled Plates: Another great Dad and child activity – with stencils, vintage plates, and some porcelain paint you could make some gorgeous re-purposed plates. I’m loving that little deer with the rose in it’s center.
And I also love these more refined (yet affordable) pieces of jewelry:
Mirta thorn ring or twig bracelet: Honestly, I love all of Mirta’s oxidized sterling silver jewelry. So simple, and yet a little rustic. I had a hard time choosing just one – check out her herkimer diamond rings too!
Tiny Wings Necklace: Available with either 3 wood pieces or 5, you could say each piece represents a member of your family, or your kids. For me, I love the reference to wings – since my daughter is famously (around here) known as Birdie.
Brass Astrological Pendant Necklace: Pick your Zodiac signs (I’d choose one for me and one for my Birdie, but maybe one for each kid works better for you?) and then wear this truly unique take on a mother’s necklace every day of the week. I know I would. Or, splurge for the Sterling Silver version.
Dads – You can just consider all of these ideas winners!
Moms – send this off to your loved ones, and take a little moment for yourself Mommas!

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1 Alix April 23, 2012 at 2:36 pm

LOVE all of these…..and i used to have a wooden pendant that i lost, and those wooden beads look amazing!


2 mari April 23, 2012 at 10:21 pm

So many great choices right? How will we ever pick just one?!


3 Roseann D'Elia May 9, 2013 at 10:44 am

I’m in love with all the great design finds you have come across. Thanks so much for sharing…keep-um coming


4 mari May 10, 2013 at 8:56 am

Thank you!!!


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