spring’s best eggtivities

by mari

easy easter egg craft ideas for kids

I’m such a geek for tradition and my own childhood memories that part of me just wants to purchase an old-fashioned Paas egg dying kit and go to town with my girl. Do they still come with those little wire egg holders?

But, with Tinker Lab’s 60 Egg Activities for Kids, I’d feel horribly lax if I didn’t try at least a couple of the amazing ideas in this super long list of goodies. Head over to Tinker Lab to see Rachelle’s favorites: she has gathered together everything from egg decorating to games to crafts to Science to Plastic Eggs to Painting to Sculpture. She’s got it all covered.

My top picks right now – considering my 3 year old’s abilities – are the old-school crayon resist eggs, Drip Dot Eggs, Bleeding Tissue Eggs, and Easy Dotty Eggs. I haven’t even scrolled down the bottom of the list yet! Thanks Rachelle for such a stellar list of ideas.

Thanks again to Tinker Lab for the list – and to Hands On As We Grow, The Chocolate Muffin Tree, and Mama Smiles for the images.

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