whooo is misko?

by mari

misko Nathan Jurevicius' Lithuanian Owls Art Toys blind collectible art toys

Well, google Translate tells me “Misko”, when translated from Lithuanian, means “Forest”. What a lovely little word. And it fits the little Misko Mini Series, $9.95 owls so nicely. Each owl has a removable head and scalloped collar, so when you’ve collected a bunch of them you can obsessively rearrange until you find each owl’s perfect personalities. I find the Misko’s wide-eyed stares are rather endearing, don’t you think? Like it’s the middle of the night and someone has just flashed a light right at them – whoooo, me?!

Ever since I saw the Jibibuts art toys made out of wood, I was hoping more designers would join in. It’s just so refreshing to see a natural material brought into the world of traditionally vinyl art toys. For Nathan Jurevicius’ newest series, the Misko Mini Series, $9.95, it’s even more appropriate because these owls reference his native Lithuanian roots.

Also, make sure to take a peek at Jurevicius’ Scarygirl illustrations and toys, they’re absolutely amazing (I’m such a fan!).

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