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retro bugaloos & masking tape monsters

by mari

paper animation, masking tape masks, butterfly robots, retro fairies, and Todd Oldham at Target

Words. I’m supposed to put lots and lots of words here! But I think I might be running on empty tonight [update: LOL, this was written the night before!]. Birdie was asking a zillion why’s today, and I’ve been researching online all day looking for new freelance opportunities (is anyone else noticing a lull in their workloads? So odd. And disconcerting.) Anyway, take those things and crumple them up together over several balled up pieces of paper and stuff them in my head and there’s just not a lot of room left! So. It’s a good thing it’s a Round About Friday, I can let the visuals speak for themselves.

This week’s Round About the Web picks:

  • I’m obsessed with stop motion animation videos and the dedication of their directors, like this stop motion video directed by Vincent Pianina and Lorenzo Papace for a song called Østersøen. via Colossal.
  • What a beautiful – an easy – way to hop into the bright colors and geometric patterns that are so popular right now – cardboard tape masks for kids via Mer Mag.
  • The simplicity of these animal toys/poufs is endearing and so so retro, Ionna Vautrin’s designs via Petit a Petit and Family.
  • Leave it to Modern Kiddo to show me yet another zany old television show I’d never heard of before. Have you heard of the Bugaloos?!
  • A brand new DIY to make with my little Birdie, these wind up paper butterflies are so cool! via Handmade Charlotte.
  • Ok, first things first today, I have to finally get to Target (I’ve been trying to get there for 2 days now!) and get my hands on all of the Kid Made Modern Todd Oldham designed craft kits and supplies for kids. I may go a little crazy. Stay out of my way. via Buy Modern Baby.

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1 Esther May 21, 2012 at 9:05 am

Thanks for the link love. Glad you finally found your haul of KMM :)


2 mari May 21, 2012 at 9:18 am

Thanks to your photo in the store, I knew just what to look for!


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