Swoop Bags:
swoop up every kid-made toy mess

by mari

Swoop bags for kids - organize toy, blocks, and lego storage

Toys. Messes. They kind of go hand in hand. When you’re in the glittering toy store dreaming of your kidlet’s countless happy hours playing contentedly and lovingly with all those beautiful toys, one forgets the harsher reality: toys everywhere and underfoot, literally!

I’ve had my eye on Swoop Bags for awhile actually, they’re such an awesome idea! But while Birdie was still under 2, I somehow felt I had a handle on the toy accumulation (in hindsight, I think a swoop bag would make a pretty brilliant toddler playmat – with supervision, of course). Now, at 3, that’s all changed. We’re in a toy explosion over here. And getting Birdie to pick them up is beyond a trial of tribulations. Then our new Swoop Bag arrived (thank you Swoop for sending a sample to review!) and we were both smitten! Birdie is fascinated, and after showing her how it worked only once, she was carting her toys all over the house. But not all over the floor. Mission accomplished!

The story behind Swoop is also very cool – it was first designed 3 generations ago by her Grandmother, then reinvented by her mother, and finally, by Sarah Kirk – founder of Swoop. I just love a product with an all-in-the-family history like that. Swoop Bags are available in a rainbow of modern colors, but I’m partial to the orange and the Aquamarine. The thick canvas and thick cord handles are built to last, and I love the sturdy grommet details. The bag is very easy to open and close, lays flat for playtime, and holds a ton of toys when swooped. I’m thinking we might add another hook in Birdie’s room to hold the closed bag – it seems easier for her to hang it on a hook then stuff it into her cubbyhole shelves. I’d love to have a wall of Swoop Bags – one for every kind of toy we own! And hey, do you think they’d work for all of my shoes?

This post was sponsored with thanks by Swoop Bags.

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1 Nicole May 1, 2012 at 10:51 am

Oh, this is clever. Great find!


2 mari May 4, 2012 at 11:24 pm

I think so too – clever and easy to use, great combo.


3 Las sandalias de Ana May 10, 2012 at 3:00 am

Ohhh, beautiful and useful!



4 Miz Big May 11, 2012 at 8:03 am

It’s so lovely to find those two ideals together!


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