dearest delicious dear deer

by mari

Dear Deer Monster Finger puppet Stationery Cards and literary figures

Greetings, it’s Sam again.

For anyone who appreciates quirky illustrations with a good dollop of humor, you will love what I am going to share with you.

I had the pleasure of meeting the artist Dan Leanio (Dear Deer Designs) while furiously finishing up my digital portfolios in the late hours at MCAD’s library.  Being a friendly librarian in an art library is only one dimension to Dan, as he spends his days drawing and crafting.


Before meeting the artist, I actually purchased this adorable little pirate exclaiming, “Yaaargh great!” for the Boss’s very first preschool teacher.  I thought this was the perfect way to introduce our family to the school with a few giggles and a fun and quirky card.

With his more seriously drawn black and white illustrations he is sure to lure in the art and literature lover with a cast of characters including Shakespeare, Claude Monet, Oscar Wilde, and Artemisia

What is truly unique about these cards is that they can serve so many purposes. Obviously the finger puppet cards live beyond their card function. His gift tags also serve as bookmarks, but really you can use any of his pieces as bookmarks to admire again and again.  Dan is also very focused being green: he uses 100% post consumer recycled paper and strives to create things that are multi-faceted.

I think they make a lovely gift for kids and adults… or for anyone who wants to poke (tee hee) a little fun into their day!

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