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floating tables & animal pocket knives

by mari

floating balloons table and animal wallpaper

Summer vacation officially starts today at our house! It’s Birdie’s last day of school, and it’s just hit me now that next week I only have half of my usual work-time, and absolutely no kid-friendly plans/ideas/projects in mind. Um. Hm. I think I know what you’ll see me pinning on Pinterest this weekend! Got any ideas you’d like to share? What’s your favorite kid-centric thing to do in the summertime?

Round about the online world this week:

  • In my 20’s, when voicing absolutes seemed the thing to do, I swore I’d never use wallpaper. But now all of the amazing options like these from Loboloup has me eating my words. Via Buy Modern Baby.
  • This little animal pocket knife from David Suhami is a stunner, no sharp points or crazy unknown implements, just different animal combinations of heads and legs. Wonder when it will be available to purchase? via the Novogratz on Pinterest.
  • This modern balloon-festooned table is seriously floating thanks to some industrial strength “balloons”, extra-special helium and other crazy materials. Fascinating! via CMYBacon.
  • Sometimes it’s the really obvious things that I totally space out on. Like trusting in your gut instinct. This sweet Life Design 101 post from Design for Mankind is a perfect reminder.
  • Maybe my husband would lose stuff a little less often if he had a  container as cool as this My Stache Jar via etsy. Gee, Happy Father’s Day Dear!
  • This post isn’t new, but I just found out and I’m smitten. Click for a delectable list of homemade soda recipes like cherry almond, watermelon mint, plum rosemary …. mmm. yums. via the Kitchn.

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