bonkers for boutavant

by mari

Marc Boutavant's children's book Who's Like Me Review

Hello readers, it’s Sam here!  We have a bit of an obsession in this house and it’s a good one, beautifully illustrated (and written) children’s books.  I guess that’s not such a bad problem to have, but I am secretly hoping they never outgrow the curiosity and wonder these books bring.  I am such a proud mamma watching the Boss tote around his latest treasure, Who’s Like Me? illustrated by Marc Boutavant.  It seems on target with his age group (3+) and so stimulating both visually and physically as the flaps fold in different ways.  You must check out Mari’s post For Just One Day, another Boutavant classic, trust me you will be hooked.

You really can’t beat the price and Boutavant always gives you plenty to look at, such incredible detail I find myself getting lost inside his books as much as the kids.



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