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by mari

Best Pins on Pinterest - DIY Tutorial Nature Leaves Owl Mask for Kids

I’m loving my unofficial Pinterest week over here. Every day I get to double-indulge in my favorite guilty inspirational pleasure: searching through Pinterest for my favorite goodies. You know what I wish they’d add? the ability to have a list of favorites/bookmarks for boards you follow. Because otherwise I’m constantly lost in the main feed. Do you find time to explore the boards of the people you follow?

It’s Day 3 – so that means 3 pins to share. Today let’s continue our DIY inspirations with some more wearables for kids: masks. And boy howdy are these some goodies.

Above: This is absolutely perfect for your next sunny afternoon with the kidlets, this Nature Owl Mask Tutorial includes lots of tips on making a glorious mask with only ingredients from your very own natural wonderland.

Above: Ok, yes. We know I’m a sucker for cardboard. But how amazing are these DIY Cardboard Masks?

Above: Using printables take some of the “where-the-heck-do-we-start?” out of a new DIY project, and this free DY Peacock Printable Mask has lots of layers to keep it interesting.

Please come join me in the Pinterest club?  You can follow me on Pinterest at Smallforbig, and share your Pinterest username in the comments – I can’t wait to see what you’ve been pinning too!

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