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by mari

Deuz playmats for babies - modern printed canvas infant gear

Tell me if this happens to you: do you find yourself constantly drawn to maps? Wanting to hang them on your walls, buying the road atlas when your iPhone is really preferable, or pinning lots of envelopes made from maps in Pinterest? I’m even drawn to the Ikea kids rugs with the little roads and houses on them, and I’m always making pathways with Birdie’s blocks. In fact, I remember making huge maze-like houses of multiple rooms out of little walls of fallen raked leaves as a kid. Man, those were the days.

There’s something magical about a map. A map grabs you immediately with all of it’s visual twists, turns and intersections. Simultaneously, it’s completely functional (design + function makes this product designer UBER happy!), but only if you’re smart enough to know how to read it. And then it’s spacial as well, holding entire 3D worlds in it’s simple iconography. A map is so many things in one.

Ok, done with the waxing poetic thing. I’ve got it bad, don’t I?

Deuz has found a beautifully modern way to capitalize on those magical map moments with it’s playmats. Now that they’re available in the US, you can own a bit of the magic for yourself. Not only are they wonders to behold, Deuz also uses eco-friendly organic cotton, natural dyes, recycled paper, and fair trade practices. It’s all the pretty things we want in one lovely package.

Also, check out their alphabet cards and amazing wooden rattles – gorgeous, gorgeous gorgeous (and no less magical!).

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