legos go old school?

by mari

Eco-friendly Earth Lego Blocks and Wood Lego Figure

These Lego-esque toys actually go beyond old school, all the way back to natural. After seeing a Japanese set featured on Handmade Charlotte, I did a little digging. Let me rephrase that, I showed the image to my husband, and he did a lot of digging! Then I copied him. So I guess today’s post is in honor of my other half.

The little Lego figures never seem to have enough heft, I’ve always wanted to see a bigger one. This bigger-is-better Lego Figure definitely has the added height, and he’s handmade too. What a perfect gift for the Lego lover in your life. The only setback, he’s out of stock at the moment.

So let’s move on to these Earth Blocks, you can choose from blocks made of the composite of the bark of the cedar tree, compressed dust from sawn cedar logs, coffee beans, or green tea. Each option offers a different natural shade of block, I bet they would be very cool all mixed together.

Below is the original set from Japan, via Handmade Charlotte, it appears they don’t ship these blocks to the US, so disappointing!

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