round about: melting cotton candy & paper boat messages

by mari

cotton candy art, modern wall confetti graphics, kids organization for school, pink girls nursery, paper wish boats, and spring color inspiration

You know what they don’t tell you about parenthood? Okay, one of the many things they don’t tell you about parenthood. They neglect to mention that you will spend every winter, all winter long, sick with some random flu/cold/virus/bug that your beautiful, charismatic, talented, smart child brought home just for you. Once again I’ve spent the week with a list of things I meant to get done, and a simmering virus soaking up all the energy that should have been spent doing said things! And that is yet one more reason why I simply cannot wait for Spring to arrive.

You can tell my need for Spring by today’s round about: it seems everything I love right now is in bright happy pastel colors! Mmmm. Spring. I can practically taste it.

Round about the internet this week:

  • Now this is a better way to use candy, via Collab Cubed.
  • Super modern and yet very artsy wall confetti, via Julep.
  • I’m still craving better organization, like this prep zone, via Lasso the Moon.
  • A beautifully modern use of pink in the nursery, via A Lovely Lark.
  • I’d like a fleet of these to cheer me up any day, via Bloesem.
  • Someone else agrees with my colorful mood, via Design is Mine.

Make sure to stop over and fill out this quick reader survey – you still have a chance to win a roller skate necklace! (and help me out in the process, of course!). Have a wonderful weekend …

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