wooden you love it?

by mari

new modern wood toys for kids

It seems there is no end to innovation in the land of wooden toys. The category keeps growing and morphing as new designers come into the mix. I’m seeing the signs everywhere of the Etsy seismic shift – bigger companies and independent designers are all working to embrace things that feel more “real”. These wooden finds are some of my current favorites – and what a variety there is!

I’ve just started to realize that Birdie, who is now four years old, is probably reaching the point where she no longer needs or wants wooden toys. The other day she was begging me for a real camera, telling me her wooden camera just wasn’t good enough. They really do grow up too fast.

Above: Six Point Un Nightlight, 59.99 CAD – These nightlights are ready for the most modern and minimal of kids rooms. I think the friendly shape and circular glow would be super comforting at 3 am.

Wood Teaching Letters (Upper), £18.50 – Tracing letters is a major component of Montessori education for preschool age kids. These letters aren’t cursive, like those in Montessori, but kids need to know all of their print letters too!

Bamboo Silhouette Rings, $20.68 – Ok, yes, these are not technically for kids. But, um, I can almost guarantee they will love them. (Well, the animal heads anyway!)

Rocking Zebra, £81.67 – So many modern wooden rockers are plain and minimal – it’s fun to see a loud and proud version instead.

Count and Stack Number Blocks, $22.00 – Uncle Goose has the most extensive collection of block choices – including foreign alphabets too.

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