simple pleasures – an instagram vacation

by mari

Simple Pleasures - like sitting on the beach

Hello all!
We’re back from parts now semi-explored and remembered! Wow, it was a bit of  a whirlwind, and the one thing I know we’ve learned is that we need to do and plan far less for our next time away from home.  I just saw a morning show call that a “slowcation”, but I refuse to call it that. Still, you get my gist. Next time, I’m hoping to focus on more simple pleasures.

We went to the Outer Banks, North Carolina, for a beautiful, perfect, serene little wedding, and decided it was high time we saw a bit of Washington, D.C. while we were there. But seeing a little bit of D.C. is like licking a Tootsie Pop 3 or 4 times, you’re just craving more. So I have a feeling we’ll be headed there again – when Birdie is older than 4. I just don’t know why she didn’t find waiting an hour and a half in a non-moving line just to see an old piece of paper with the words “We The People” on it didn’t thrill her?

Like the speed of our trip, and the briefness of  some of our stops, so were the pictures. Bringing a sturdy DSLR camera on a quick trip just feels like overkill. But it was still so important to document Birdie’s firsts: First lightrail train ride, first plane ride, first time seeing the ocean, first time swimming in it, first wedding, and of course, first time in D.C. So, I thought I’d share some of my blurry, atmospheric favorites. Thank goodness for Instagram.

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