the cat in the shoe is a doll

by mari

The Cat in the Shoe Handmade Dolls and stuffed animals from Etsy

Yesterday was one of those horrible, awful, no-good, go-back-to-bed kind of days. Please, by all things holy, let today be better. Or, I’m going to have to pretned I’m one of these pajama-clad girls from The Cat in the Shoe and just go back to bed. I could hide under the duvet with my iPad, my Nook, and a bag of chips. That’s all I need.

It was the kind of day that left me feeling like the worst kind of mom: yelling instead of patient, tired instead of excited, curt instead of loving. But ooh boy, Birdie was also having her own kind of whirling dervish, crazy, rotten no-good day. Maybe we both need one of these dolls to cheer us up and calm us down. The Cat in the Shoe makes the calmest, most serene little friends – more than just girls in pajamas. They have a hint of the surreal, like they came out of a really juicy good dream. I have to say, that’s got to be one of the better places to find your toy inspiration, don’t you think?

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