urban kids need urban bonnets

by mari

Urban Baby Bonnets from UB2Bonnets for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, boys and girls

The sun is shining! And for once, it’s not shining on blinding white snow! Get your kiddos ready for all of those beautiful rays with a new bonnet from Urban Baby Bonnets. If Birdie wasn’t such a stinker about hats, she’d still have one of these for her 4 year old head. I remember a mom stopping me when Birdie was maybe 6 months old, and telling me to start putting her in headbands, hats, and pigtails right away so she grew used to the feeling. Now, I understand why.

We had a UB2 Bonnet when she was smaller, and it was awesome for so many reasons. The mod styling hides some really useful functionality:  an extra broad brim keeps all the rays of your kiddo’s face, and the strap is soft and easy to attach. I love that they’re reversible, and you can fold the brim back to adjust the level of exposure too. The bonnets are unisex, but as your boys get older, you can also go for one of the cool boys caps (with straps).

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