round about: bottles of jellyfish & watercolor owls

by mari

Annie's Foods Project Bunway Fashion Contest - Watercolor stickers - Inspirational Instagrams - DIY Tulle Hair Poof - DIY Flower Party Hat - DIY Jellyfish Pets for Kids.

Birdie has been all over the map this week. Do your kids go through gigantic mood swings? Moods that arc over a week or two? Moods that involve a lot of questioning of authority, arguing, whining, yelling, and door-slamming? Yep. That’s what our house has been like. The best part was last night. She hasn’t had a nap in two days – whch is still a stretch for her. Tonight she was so tired it literally looked like we’d been spiking her drinks all day long. Wow. A “drunk” four-year old is a sight to behold. Especially in a restaurant. She kept sliding off the booth onto the floor like a mime doing the elevator behind a sofa. It was more entertaining than being the sober driver on a girls night out. Maybe tomorrow she’ll take her nap?!

Meanwhile, round about the web this week:

  • Want 9 yards of fabric from Annie’s Stock Exchange banner to create your own Project Runway moment? (You know Annie’s, they make the best cheese bunny crackers around) Enter to win that and more in Annie’s Project Bun-way contest. This looks like so much fun.
  • I think every sticker should be as beautiful as these watercolor stickers. Via Design Crush.
  • I am so inspired by Irene’s instagram photos, of Bloesem blog. She has a new goal: 3 pics a day. I’d like to join her.
  • Big head pieces are slowly infiltrating my brain, like this gorgeous tulle poof from A Subtle Revelry.
  • And a big fat poof for the kids too – these giant paper flower party hats are just about perfect. Via Oh Happy Day.
  • Can you guess what makes these adorable jelly fish in a bottle? Find the DIY over at Colour Me There.

And see my latest House Printable over at The Neighborhood – there are now 12 different downloads to choose from, and more in the works!

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