what shall we play today?

by mari

Collette Bream Handmade knit toys, decor, bedding, pillows, and accessories on Etsy

That’s what Collette Bream asks across the top of her Etsy shop, and it sums things up perfectly. I know around this house that question is asked many. many. many. times during the day. Her shop doesn’t give any kind of straightforward answer either. Instead, it feels like I’ve stepped into a perfectly curated little European shop full of open-ended playthings. It’s well-edited, and contains bits of wonder across many genres: cohesive, yet expansive. Yep, I’m waxing poetic, with good reason.

This is one of those shops I’ve stumbled across many times over the years, but for some reason never got around to sharing with you? Thank goodness we’re fixing that tout suite! Whether you’re searching for unique bedding, pillows, artwork, toys, or accessories, Collette Bream’s sweet shop will give you a moment of well-designed wonder. I’m partial to the stutffed raindrop and cloud combos, but perhaps that’s because Birdie tells me her new big girl room should be in the clouds with a rainbow on the wall. I think I can arrange that!

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