sling it everywhere!

by mari

Sling shot seed bombs and pom poms for kids

Have you noticed slingshots popping up everywhere we turn? Is it just me? They’re adorable, and very retro-cool. Yet, my first thought was: oh no, not a weapon for my kid! But, I’m actually coming around to the idea. It’s a big leap away from a toy gun. More importantly, you can shoot some pretty hilarious things with a sling shot – like pom poms, seed bombs, or paper footballs. I’d hold off on the water balloons and the rocks. And of course, the unbreakable rule: don’t point it at anything that lives, breathes and could love you back.


I know some little boys who might not listen to those rules, but perhaps that’s a good lesson in discipline (we’ll take it away if you break the rules!). Plus, I secretly want to learn how to handle a slingshot myself, what about you? I’m no good at darts, and archery seems too big a leap. Maybe we start with a slingshot and go from there!

Seedbombs with Slinger, Poketo
Slingshot with Pom Poms, Tweet Toys | Neon Pink Slingshot, Hella Slingshots
Slingshot and Seedbombs
Greenaid (many varieties!) | 3 Slingshot Set, Gift Go Green

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