one little red fox is actually kind of big

by mari

One Little Red Fox handmade stuffed animals, toys, zipper pouches, and ipad covers on etsy

A little shop with a lot of designerly muscle, that’s what I like. I’ve loved One Little Red Fox’s spectacled plush toys for a long time now – I really want one for my shelf – and it appears they’ve reeled me in again. Now they’re creating anthropomorphized pouches. Adorable ones.

I’m not sure if it’s the Kawaii-style iPad covers that stole my heart, or the mini zipper pouches with their penchant for bow ties. I suppose in the end it’s all about One Little Red Fox’s unique faces, regardless of the object’s intended purpose! However, much like my doll obsession, if I bought every pouch I loved I’d need several new handbags to hold them all (and a dozen random lip balms to fill them). So, I’m going to send them out into the world and share them with you. Won’t you be a dear and nab one for me?

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