round about: a king kong polar bear
& a washi tape label maker

by mari

Top links online: Polar Bear Puppet, Kiec Collages, washi tape label maker, think touch learn board books, nosy crow apps, and mid-century art prints

Temperatures are cooling a bit, school routines are becoming a bit more routine, and the sky is dark before 7:30. Fall is here. At our house, Fall includes not just apple orchards and leaf raking, but an annual weekend trip to our favorite northern Wisconsin destination. That’s happening this weekend! Birdie is over-the-moon excited, but only for the hotel swimming pool. The only glitch is that I’m not going. Birdie and her dad will have a fun-filled, nap-inducing Father-Daughter weekend, but I’ll be staying here to recuperate. My chronic disease isn’t playing well with others, at least, not with me. Though I’ll miss the annual trip, I have to say, a restful weekend without any expectations sounds really wonderful. What’s on your weekend agenda?

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