a real nine-year old doll

by mari

Lottie Dolls - real fashion dolls for healthy body image in girls

Wait, hang on a minute. You mean these dolls don’t have boobs? Or alien-length legs? Or makeup? What about their hair, it’s just natural? And why is that so surprising? I’m so excited to finally see more of the British-based Lottie dolls available here in the states. Let me tell you why.


No matter how much I hear that “Barbie is just a doll so girls don’t really expect to look like her” – or Bratz, or Monster High – I’m still of the mind that the more realistic body images I can put in front of my daughter, the better. Let’s control things where we actually can, shall we? We certainly can’t control the media. Lottie dolls have bodies based on the measurements of actual nine year old girls. That’s a good start. They also dress a little more like real girls, though still with some cool ensembles. Plus, there’s a Pirate Queen, and a Robot Girl. Now you’ve totally sold me.


Take a peek at this interview with the founder of Lottie dolls, and see the Lottie Doll website (with downloads, games, and other fun extras). I’m adding the Pirate Queen and her Pirate’s Loot to Birdie’s Christmas haul as soon as I publish this post. Birdie loves maps, and making maps. So she’s excited to go on adventures with a fellow Pirate. I’m just so proud that for once Birdie chose a pirate over a ballerina!

Pirate image thanks to In the Know Mom.

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