these paper toys have pipes

by mari

Piperoid Paper Toys - Modern Craft Kits for Kids - Robots Crafts

I’m back from Alt Summit! Thanks for your patience with my brief bout of radio silence, but now I suppose it’s time to get back to business, right?


I. Heart. Paper Toys. They are my fave! If I could convert my toy design career into a paper toy design career, I think I probably would. Especially when I see the slow but steadily growing success of Piperoids. The line includes a huge range of classic robot-esque creatures, and more humorous character sets too. The beauty of these sets is you don’t have to roll up all of those little pipes – they come pre-made. Your job is to cut and assemble. There is some finesse reqiured – they are age-graded for kids 10 and up, but I’m sure if a happy parent was interested in helping (ahem, that’d be my style, what about you?) then younger kids can get in on the fun too.

Snow Giant & Lop Dwarf | Muscle JoeMosqula & Onidevil

Meanwhile, even though I’m not a  full-time paper toy designer, you can take a peek at my neighborhood series of paper toy houses over at The Neighborhood. The latest creations include a neighborhood cafe, and an old-fashioned church!


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