miniature wooden cars go vroom vroom vroom too

by mari

Handmade wooden miniature toy cars on Etsy - from Ooh Look It's A Rabbit

The Silhouette of a good car has always been more important to me than the engine. I guess that’s why I’m a designer and an artist, but not an engineer. Give me a Karmann Ghia or a classic Cobra any old day. I’d be happy, even if I was stalled on the side of the road. That’s why these wooden cars make perfect sense to me – who needs an engine?


There may be some small boys who will be confused by these cars. It seems they are about the size of a Hot Wheels car, and yet, they’re not. Gorgeous woods, suh-weet silhouettes, and a handmade vibe make these cars ten times more interesting. The only downside may be the wheels – which don’t move. But hey, Ooh Look, It’s a Rabbit sells larger cars with turning wheels, if that’s what floats your boat. Er, floats your car? Revs your engine? Whatever the bad cliché, these affordable vehicles are going on my list of go-to gifts for kiddos.


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