new mixels are like paper toys gone lego

by mari

Lego Mixels Series 1 - new monster building set for kids

I don’t usually go down the regular toy road: avoiding the brands we already know and own keeps things more fresh and interesting around here. However. Once in awhile something grabs my attention and won’t let go.


Today that something is Lego Mixels. They’re like anime characters and paper toys and blind box art toy collectibles wrapped up in a tidy little Lego package. The characters are hilarious, quirky and I think almost-maybe gender neutral. The piece count is lower so they’d be great starter sets for the 5 year olds that aren’t quite ready for the 500 piece mega sets.  But frankly, I just think they’re a great use of Legos: monster robot creatures with googly eyes make me grin.


Mixels are sold as individual creatures, but each  is a part of a series. Right now, Series 1 is available with 9 different creatures. But Series 2 and 3 were shown at Toy Fair, so they’ll be coming soon!

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1 Walter Silva February 26, 2014 at 9:43 am

Way cool!


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